Apr 30, 2007

Insights from Bill Janeway at Warburg Pincus

Here's an interesting article in Sandhill.com from Bill Janeway at Warburg Pincus. Bill is one of our board members at Cassatt, and he previously led the investment in BEA Systems. The article gives you a 40-year perspective on the Venture Capital community and how it's changed over the years.

Some interesting points on what it takes these days to put together a start-up that is seeking venture capital:
  • Begin with a first-class, seasoned management team
  • Find a market undergoing demand growth where some form of disruption is creating a space for a new business
  • Buy the components of the business – technology, distribution, customer base - that you can; only build what you have to (which usually does include building innovative technology)
Bill also talks about what's required these days to IPO. For those of us at Cassatt, we've heard these same principles from our CEO, Bill Coleman, in various town halls. The article makes for an interesting read. Take a look for yourself.

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