Jun 3, 2007

Some Fun in the Sun

Despite scattered thunderstorms (or more appropriately, scattered sunshine) during my three-day visit to Minneapolis, I did manage to get some sunshine during my visit. I was pleasantly surprised to find a brand new Toyota Solara convertible waiting for me at the Hertz gold canopy. I had reserved an intermediate car, but there was a shiny, red Solara (with only 7 miles on the odometer) waiting for me.

On Thursday evening, Martha, Linda, Jason, Luis and I hopped into the Solara and ventured to Babalu, a new dining hot spot in downtown Minneapolis. The food was great, and the drive was great too. We managed to avoid downpours, and the weather was a pleasant 70 degrees. On the way back, we took the scenic route through St. Paul and checked out the Cathedral of St. Paul. The cathedral marked its 100th anniversary this weekend, and there was a historic lighting of the exterior during my visit. A local doctor arranged for a lighting company to light the exterior for two days, and he footed the bill for this event. Pretty neat!

After winding our way along the Mississippi River, we finally arrived back at the Cassatt office in Mendota Heights. It was a nice evening-- with good company, good food and a nice drive in the cool evening air.

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