Sep 3, 2008

All of a Sudden, Browsers are Hot Again

Tuesday afternoon, I downloaded and installed Google's Chrome browser on my laptop. Although I had just upgraded to Firefox 3 last week, I figured I'd see for myself what's up with all the buzz around Chrome. My first reaction was "Where's the menu bar?" A few of us at work downloaded Chrome, and we did have some "water cooler" talk about the new browser.

Chrome claims to have a faster JavaScript engine ("V8") and a faster rendering engine, based on WebKit. Each tab also runs in its own process, for better security and reliability. I turned to the video from the Google developers to learn about Chrome, but Paul checked out the cartoon. See for yourself to get the inside scoop.

I've switched my default browser from Firefox 3 to Chrome. I guess an extended test drive is in order. Check back in a week to see how Chrome holds up...

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