Aug 23, 2007

Back to Virtual Reality

After a 1-week vacation in Houston, I'm back to Silicon Valley. I was briefly back in the Central time zone last week during my 3-day visit to our Minneapolis office. Earlier today, I had lunch with a former colleague from Sun Microsystems, and we were catching up on old times. Arun is now a technology evangelist in the Java group at Sun, and we were chatting about various Web 2.0 development technologies and the growth of these new communities. We eventually got around to talking blogs and comparing blog statistics. (Hey, if you blog, you know you track your blog statistics, even if you don't admit it.) Anyway, Arun's daily blog traffic is 10x my monthly blog traffic, which is pretty impressive. If you're a hardcore developer, you should check out his blog. My hats off to you, Arun!

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