Aug 23, 2007

What Did Your Organization Do This Summer?

With the dog days of summer winding down, most kids will be starting (or have already started) the new school year. As part of the traditional back-to-school ritual, there's always a "what did you do during summer vacation?" session during the first week of class. Kids get to brag about all the new and cool things they did during the past several weeks. One of my son's classmates is the son of a famous CEO, and this kid always has the best stories for the summer. My son and I play golf at the local muni, whereas my son's friend plays Sharon Heights, Stanford and Pebble. (sigh)

I was attending a vendor's seminar the other day, and the speaker was asking the audience of IT personnel about new initiatives at their companies. There's lots of press out there about new trends in the industry: virtualization, server consolidation, power management, data center management...

With summer coming to a close, take a moment to reflect back on what your organization did this summer? What initiatives do you have in your organization? How are you advancing your data-center management practices? What are you doing to help top-line revenue growth or improve operating expenses? Are there simple things you can address in short order? (The famous CEO I alluded to earlier has a favorite expression: "low-hanging watermelon.")

Maybe you've already got one or two initiatives in place that are staffed and budgeted. Great! And if not, maybe it's a good time to go after some low-hanging watermelon...

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