Nov 17, 2007

Come and Get It! Standard Edition is Here

On Nov 16, 2007 at 8:59pm PT, we had our GA build of Cassatt Active Response, Standard Edition. That's when I got the final e-mail from Sudhrity Mondal, the new QE manager, that he and Chuck Brunson had finished their testing of Standard Edition. Build 9352 is now our GA build for the new Policy Manager, and we now have our GA release of the Standard Edition-- on Nov 16, as planned. (In all three US time zones, no less.) Whoo, hoo!

Standard Edition introduces several new components:

The Policy Manager, a new UI for entering policies for power-managing your servers.

The Scheduler, which schedules these policies and graphically shows which policy is in effect.

The Report Manager, which provides different reports for showing how much your different teams are spending on power. Yes, it's a charge-back report on operating costs for your server usage.

Looking back on the past few months, it's definitely been a pretty intense effort getting to this point. And here are the folks who made it all possible: Alan McClellan, Barbara McKercher, Bill Minto, Bob Hendrich, Chuck Brunson, Craig Vosburgh, Dave Resch, Dorothy Vernon, Jim Engquist, Jason Haugland, James Urquhart, Jo Pelkey, Jon Nordby, Ken Oestreich, Kevin Werner, Kirk Fjeldheim, Linda Finnegan, Lynn Still, Mark Emeis, Martha Dumler, MaryAnn Zhang, Melinda Sorber, Spencer Smith and Sudhrity Mondal. I hope everyone's taking the weekend off!

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