Nov 27, 2007

Tuesday at the Gartner Data Center Conference

I just survived day one at the Gartner Data Center Conference, and I'm taking a small break before booth duty at the Cassatt booth. This is my first year at the conference, and I'm joining a veteran crew of Cassatt folks-- or alumni as Gartner calls them. This year, the conference is held in the MGM Grand Conference Center, which is a 10-minute walk from the MGM Grand hotel. There are nearly 2,000 attendees at the event, but the crowd is quite different from the Java One crowd I used to hang with. There are quite a few "suits" in the audience, and the sessions are quite different from Java One sessions and BOF's (Birds of a Feather-- an informal tech talk usually held in the evening).

I attended several sessions today:
Later tonight, I'll post some entries with my notes from these different talks. I've got to don my green Cassatt bowling shirt and get ready for booth duty. There will be a small contingent of us in the booth, flanking an MCC that has the latest Cassatt Active Response software. Let's hope we wow the crowd! It is Vegas after all.

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