Aug 24, 2008

Sent from my iPhone

Well, not really, but keep reading. On Saturday, my son and I decided to check out a movie at Shoreline. We both decided to pass on "Star Wars: Clone Wars" and check out "Longshots" instead. Somehow, an animated remake of the Star Wars trilogy didn't appeal to me and my son-- two hard-core Star Wars fans, btw. Turns out "Longshots" was a good call.

After lunch in downtown Palo Alto, we did a little window shopping at Magnolia Video and then headed over to the Apple store. Fifteen minutes later I was all set with my new 16GB iPhone 3g. Although the guy at the Apple store denied any reception issues or 3g performance issues, later that day I did install the iPhone software update to correct the 3g performance issues. And thanks to some help from Jeff Brewer, I've got my Exchange e-mail configured on my iPhone.

Now I've just got to figure out how to blog from my iPhone. I'm not sure the little touchscreen keypad's gonna do it, however.

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