Aug 21, 2008

Would You Like Red or White with Your Series A?

It was another warm summer evening in Menlo Park, and the air was filled with the buzz of business plans, revenue models, and talk of summer travels. Oh yeah, and various vintages of merlots, cabernets, and pinots from a VC-backed vintner. This is Silicon Valley, and a few hundred execs descended on the grounds of Sierra Ventures on Sand Hill Road.

One of my former colleagues, Gamiel Gran, is now an associate at Sierra. Over a nice pinot noir, Gamiel and I reminisced about some of our adventures at Cassatt, including a very memorable trip to SAP headquarters in Walldorf. During the course of the evening, I bumped into quite a few Cassatt alumni: Steve Levine, Polly Sumner, and Karl Perron, a former Cassatt customer.

During the past few weeks, I've run across PayCycle customers at several social events. Today was no exception. I spoke with one individual who use PayCycle for his small business and another who uses our household payroll product. And both were happy customers!

As the sun set, I sipped a nice cotes du Rhone and a full-bodied cabernet. I also sampled some cheeses, including a tasty blue and a gruyere. Finally as the patio lights turned on, I called it a night and took the familiar drive up Sand Hill Road, cut across the Stanford campus, back to familiar mid-town Palo Alto. Just in time for the men's 400m!

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