Nov 7, 2008

Digg's Kevin Rose - "How to Be Scrappy"

Digg's founder Kevin Rose talks about "how to be scrappy" based on his experiences at Digg:
  • When Digg launched, Kevin kept his day job and worked on Digg in the nights and weekends.
  • He hired his initial developers on elance-- one in India and one in Nova Scotia. This worked initially, but he hired local developers as the site grew to deal with scalability issues.
  • As the founder and CEO, he was the face of the company. He recommended Gary van der Chuck - "Personal Brand."
  • Start a podcast. It's a very cheap way to get publicity.
  • Use the blog to get PR.
  • Even now, Digg is launching new products with rented servers and Amazon S3 for storage.
He sees funding going away for consumer internet companies in the short term, but thinks this is a still a good time to start new companies.

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