Nov 6, 2008

An Interesting Way to Look at Your Energy Consumption

Dr. Saul Griffith showed a beta version of, an energy start-up that lets you calculate your energy consumption. Instead of focusing on carbon footprint, Saul advocates computing your energy consumption.

Some highlights
  • His 2007 energy consumption was 17000W, but the global average is only 2200 W.
  • The US government uses a significant amount of energy on our behalf.
  • Current worldwide energy demand: 16 terraWatts (TW)
  • These figures can be used to determine how much alternative energy must be generated to reduce dependence on energy generation from fossil fuels.

1 comment:

Francis Bell said...

REALLY GREAT NEWS!!! You can now not only heat and cool your home the clean, renewable geothermal way-but also your POOL! This is information well worth looking into-Francis